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Our technicians are BiCSi certified telecommunications professionals
Our technicians are trained and experienced in the installation and termination of virtually all structured wire installations. All installations are completed using up to date techniques and best of breed product solutions. RGS adheres to BICSI standards.

RGS Communications can offer fully certified solutions with warranties for up to 25 years from the following manufacturers. Additionally, RGS can offer standard warranties from various manufacturers, please Contact RGS for more information.

The TrueNet Warranty

structured cabling installation
Imagine a network warranty that addresses your data throughput concerns. With the TrueNet Structured Cabling System's industry-leading warranty program, that's exactly what you get. KRONE assures that each installed TrueNet Structured Cabling System achieves maximum throughput performance by conducting active network testing on-site and certifying the system to virtually error-free performance. No other warranty program can offer you this kind of peace of mind.

The 20/5 TrueNet Warranty, offered directly to you, covers all aspects of the structured cabling system for horizontal and backbone networks that support data and voice, both copper and fiber. This includes patch cords, horizontal cabling, jacks and patch panels. It's the industry's first throughput warranty that covers zero bit errors over the passive components of the network for a full 5-year renewable period, plus a separate 20-year electrical performance, application assurance and product warranty. Contact us for more information.

Ortronics 25 Year Warranty

Ortonics 25 year warranty for structured cabling
An Ortronics 25 Year Extended Product Warranty Program gives you the freedom to choose any Ortronics-approved cable for your system installation. It also warrants that the structured cable products will be free from defects in material or workmanship for 25 years. Ortronics Applications Assurance Warranty Program can provide further assurance that the products will support any current or future applications designed for data transmission over the 100 MHz link/channel as defined in TIA/EIA-568A for 25 years.

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Test Equipment


RGS Communications uses only the highest quality test equipment when certifying and warranting all installations.

Fluke OMNIScanner®2 Digital Cable Tester
New cables. New standards. New challenges.  That’s the world of network testing today. As for tomorrow, the only certainty is even more rapid growth.
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OMNIFiber® Adapters
Today’s premise networks often include both structured twisted pair (Category 5, 5e or 6) and optical fiber cables. The OMNIScanner, utilizing third generation digital DSP technology, accurately certifies Categories 5, 5e and 6 and tests Category 7 today. When you attach an OMNIFiber adapter to an OMNIScanner, it is transformed into a powerful fiber certification tool.
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