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Cat5e and Cat6 cabling fiber optic cabling


Mount Holyoke Fiber optic cabling

Mount Holyoke College - Unified Science Center Project 288 strands of single and multimode fiber optics with fusion spliced connection hardware


  • Certified installation of all current and legacy data, voice, CATV and CCTV cabling systems.
  • Certified installation of all backbone and horizontal fiber optics.
  • Certified installation of Inter-campus (OPS) fiber optics.
  • Certified installation of all voice cabling.
  • Certified installation of phone systems, from basic Key systems to enterprise VolP systems.
  • Certified installation of point-to- point wireless systems.

RGS will work in concert with you during this phase to insure an efficient, professional installation that will provide the backbone of your communications infrastructure for years to come. From telephone system installation to fiber optic network cabling, RGS can provide the best qualified professional team.

RGS installs all cabling and associated hardware (racks, cabinets, punch down blocks, patch panels, wall outlets, wire managers) as defined in the scope of work. Every line installed by RGS will meet all TIA/EIA 568-A Technical Service Bulletin 67 (TSB-67) standards for transmission performance specifications.

Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC)

For many organizations, the communications infrastructure is a dynamic entity that is constantly expanding to meet the demands of the business. Although every effort is made early in the design process to accommodate system expansion in a variety of potential scenarios, the occasional change is necessary. RGS can dispatch technicians on an as needed or regularly scheduled basis to assist with moves, adds or changes in your infrastructure. Contact Us for more information.

RGS Telecommunications Contractor

Design Solutions

RGS believes in partnering with our customers to provide solutions that meet your individual wiring requirements. A fully certified RCDD/LAN specialist is available to work with your organization to provide a comprehensive cabling system design.

Expertly designed cabling solutions will be the longest life cycle component of your entire network. We will coordinate with your IT/Telecomm staff as well as architects, general contractors and furniture designers to develop a solution that is right for you. Upon completion of the design phase, RGS will provide a detailed Scope of Work and network diagram for customer approval prior to installation.

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